OAOD (SubtitleEditor)

Application: Subtitle Editor

What it is:

Subtitle Editor is a GTK+2 tool to edit subtitles.  It can be used for new
subtitles or as a tool to transform, edit, correct and refine existing

This program also shows sound waves, which makes it easier to synchronise
subtitles to voices.


o Multiple document interface.
o Internationalization support.
o Video player integrated in the main window (based on GStreamer).
o Can play preview with external video player (using MPlayer or other).
o Style Editor.
o Move subtitle.
o Scale.
o Split and joint subtitle.
o Edit text and adjust time (start, end).
o Generate Wavefrom From Video.

Supported formats:

o Sub Station Alpha.
o Advanced Sub Station Alpha.
o SubRip.
o MicroDVD.
o MPL2.
o MPsub (MPlayer subtitle).
o SubViewer 2.0.
o Plain-Text.
o Adobe Encore DVD.

To know more about:


To install in Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install subtitleeditor


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