OAOD (Slicer)

Application: Slicer

What it is:

Slicer is an application for computer scientists and clinical
researchers. The platform provides functionality for segmentation,
registration and three-dimensional visualization of multi-modal image
data, as well as advanced image analysis algorithms for diffusion
tensor imaging, functional magnetic resonance imaging and image-guided
therapy. Standard image file formats are supported, and the
application integrates interface capabilities to biomedical research
software and image informatics frameworks.


* Improved Interactive Editor
* New Color Module
* Improved Volume Rendering
* EM Segmenter, simple version
* Fast Marching Segmentation
* Robust Statistics Segmentation
* New Registration module
* New Slices module
* Fiducial based tractography
* Improved SceneSnapshot Screen Capture functionality
* 4D Image Viewer
* Compare View and Cross Hairs
* Support for Extension Server for installing plug-ins
* Improved Dicom Support
* MRML scenes and all data load from and save into XNAT desktop

To know more about:


To install in Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install slicer

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