OAOD (Groff)

Application: Groff

What it is:

The groff (GNU troff) software is a typesetting package which reads
plain text mixed with formatting commands and produces formatted


The core package, groff-base, contains the traditional tools like
troff, nroff, tbl, eqn, and pic. This package contains additional
devices and drivers for output to DVI, HTML (when the recommended
packages ghostscript, netpbm, and psutils are installed), HP LaserJet
printers, and Canon CAPSL LBP-4 and LBP-8 printers.

The X75, X75-12, X100, and X100-12 devices, which allow groff output
to be conveniently viewed on an X display using the standard X11
fonts, are now included here. They were previously in a separate
package, groff-x11.

Besides these, the groff package contains man pages describing the
language and its macro sets, info documentation, and a number of
supplementary programs:

– gxditview, which is used to display the output of the X* devices,
and can also be used to view PostScript output from groff;
– grn, a preprocessor for pictures in the ‘gremlin’ format;
– tfmtodit, which creates font files for use with ‘groff -Tdvi’;
– hpftodit, which creates font files for use with ‘groff -Tlj4’;
– afmtodit, which creates font files for use with ‘groff -Tps’;
– refer, which preprocesses bibliographic references for use with groff;
– indxbib, which creates inverted indices for bibliographic databases
used by ‘refer’;
– lkbib and lookbib, which search bibliographic databases;
– addftinfo, which adds metric information to troff font files for
use with groff;
– pfbtops, which translates a PostScript font in .pfb format to ASCII
for use with groff;
– mmroff, a simple groff preprocessor which expands references in mm;
– pic2graph, which converts PIC diagrams into cropped image files;
– eqn2graph, which converts EQN equations into cropped image files.

All the standard macro packages are supported.

To know more about:


To install in Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install groff


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