OAOD (Bonita)

Application: Bonita

What it is:

Bonita Open Solution is an open-source BPM and Workflow suite, created in 2001.


Bonita is made of 3 major components :

Bonita Studio: allows the user to graphically modify business
processes following the BPMN standard. The user can also connect
processes to other pieces of the Information System (such as
messaging, ERP, ECM, databases…) in order to generate an autonomous
business application accessible as a web form. Bonita Studio also
allows the user to design graphically the forms that will be shown to
the end user in order to interact with the process. Moreover, the
Studio allows the user to get started with processes designed with
other standards and technologies such as XPDL or jBPM. It relies on

Bonita BPM Engine: The BPM engine is a JAVA API that allows you to
interact programmatically with your processes.It is available under
LGPL. It relies on Hibernate

Bonita User Experience: is a portal that allows each end-user to
manage in a webmail-like interface all the tasks in which he or she is
involved. The portal also allow the owner of a process to administrate
and get reports about processes. It relies on GWT.

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To download and Documentation:



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