OAOD (eFront)

Application: eFront

What it is:

eFront is an open source eLearning platform (also known as a Course
Management System (CMS), or Learning Management Systems (LMS), or
Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)).
eFront is designed to assist with the creation of online learning
communities while offering various opportunities for collaboration and
interaction through an icon-based user interface. The platform offers
tools for content creation, tests building, assignments management,
reporting, internal messaging, forum, chat, surveys, calendar and


User management
Lessons, Courses, Curriculum and Categories management
Files management
Exam builders
Assignments builders
Communication tools (Forum, Chat, Calendar, Glossary)
Progress tracking
Authentication methods
Enrollment methods
Reports generators
Extensibility via Modules
Payments integration (through Paypal)
Social tools (Lesson & system history, user wall, user status,
Facebook interconnection)
Customizable notification system through email
Skinning via themes

It also has several features needed in an enterprise environment:
Organization structure management
Skills management
Job positions management
Automatic assignment of courses to specific job descriptions
Skills gap tests management
User card with training history
LDAP support

To know more about:


To download:



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