Application: ReOS

What it is:

ReOS is as open source free web-based real estate listing management
application. It is designed to be easy to setup and use. The project
was written in PHP programming language under Affero General Public


ReOS v2.0 provides the following features :

* Easy installation and configuration
* Manage sales, rentals and holiday rentals or set up your own
* Ability to define property types (Flat, Appartment, House, etc…)
* Customers database
* Multi-user / Sales agent
* Each sales agent handles his property and customer data
* Search by many criterias
* Publish multilingual adverts auttomaticaly
* Unlimited images by property
* ReOS automatically creates image thumbnail for you
* Upload multiple images at once to listings
* Publish news and events with WYSIYG Editor
* Contact form with automatic answer
* Recommended properties section
* Special offer section
* Latest properties section
* “Want to sell” section
* “About us” section
* Mortatge calculation
* Mailing list to send newsletters

Holiday Rentals

* Booking Management
* Price management by seasons (High, Medium, low,…)
* Calendar Availability
* Search by Availability
* Set up of Equipment, Area activities, Avalaible services and
other comments.
* And all features of a property


* Google Map location
* Front page map view


* Registration
* Private Area
* Manage properties and pictures
* Contacts

Help Desk/Ticketing

* Email Registration
* Customer association
* Response Management

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