OAOD (QuteCom)

Application: QuteCom

What it is:

QuteCom (previously called WengoPhone) is a free software SIP
compliant VoIP client developed by the QuteCom (previously OpenWengo)
community under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It allows users
to speak to other users of SIP compliant VoIP software at no cost. It
also allows users to call landlines and cellphones, send SMS and make
video calls. None of these functionalities are tied to a particular
provider allowing users to choose among any SIP provider.


* SIP compliance
* Provider agnostic
* Allows users to send SMS to France
* NAT traversal
* Cross-platform
* Audio smileys
* Qt-based GUI
* chatting with MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo and XMPP users
* Encryption via SRTP, but key exchange over Everbee key that is
not a Standard

To know more about:


To install:

sudo apt-get install qutecom


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