OAOD (CougarXML)

Application: CougarXML

What it is:

CougarXML is an XML Parser written in Javascript using an
Object-Oriented approach (OOP). This library parses XML code and
converts it into an object that can be manipulated with the DOM Level
3 standard API (W3C). It was released in March 2009 on the Google Code
platform by Massimiliano Guastafierro.


* Source code Free and Open under terms of Mozilla Public License 1.1
* No external runtime required
* Usable with any Javascript 1.4+ engine
* DOM Level 3 Compliant
* Non-validating XML Parser
* Syntax checking
* Well-form checking
* API that is easy to learn and use

To download:

The latest version of CougarXML is downloadable from the Google Code
Project Hosting. it is also possible to use the SVN version to get the
actual code:

$ svn checkout http://cougarxml.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ cougarxml

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