OAOD (Quanta)

Application: Quanta

What it is:

Quanta Plus, originally called Quanta, is a web Integrated development
environment (IDE) for HTML, XHTML, CSS, XML, PHP and any other
XML-based languages or scripting languages. It is part of KDE, a Linux
desktop environment, released in the Kdewebdev package. Quanta was
licensed under GPL before the release of version 2.0 final.

Quanta is capable of both WYSIWYG design and handcoding. It features
tag completion on the fly, tag editing through a dialog interface,
script language variable auto-completion, project management, live
preview, PHP debugger, CVS support, Subversion support (through
external plugin). The other Kdewebdev applications, Kommander,
KImageMapEditor, KXSLDbg, KLinkStatus, KFileReplace, are tightly
integrated with Quanta, but can be used independently as well.


# Project management
# HTML, XML support
# Script language support
# CSS support
# templates
# user toolbars and actions
# extensibility
# Plugins
# Integrated preview

To know more about:


To install:

sudo apt-get install quanta


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