OAOD (Chemtool)

Application: Chemtool

what it is:

Chemtool is a GTK+ based 2D chemical structure editor for X11. It
supports many bond styles, most forms of text needed for chemical
typesetting and splines/arcs/curved arrows.

Drawings can be exported to MOL and PDB format, SVG or XFig format for
further annotation, as a PiCTeX drawing, as a bitmap or as Postscript
files (several of these through XFig’s companion program transfig).


The package also contains a helper program, cht, to calculate sum
formula and (exact) molecular weight from a chemtool drawing file. Cht
can either be called directly by Chemtool or on the console.

To know more about:


To install:

sudo apt-get install chemtool


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