OAOD (amora-server)

Application: amora-server

What it is:

Amora (A mobile remote assistant) is an application that enables you
to control your desktop using your mobile phone. It uses bluetooth to
send mouse and keyboard events to the X session. With it, you can
control your presentations, movies or any other application which
mainly uses mouse and cursor keys.


# Amora also has a screenshot feature, where you can see a thumbnail of
the currently focused window on the mobile phone.

# Currently only Symbian Series 60 mobile phones are supported. A Java
client implementation is under development.

# This package contains the daemon running on the to be remote
controlled computer. The client has to be installed on the mobile
phone and is not contained in the package. It can be downloaded from
the home page of the project.

To know more about:


To install:

sudo apt-get install amora-server


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