OAOD (Griffith)

Application: Griffith

What it is:

Griffith is a media collection manager application. Adding items to
the collection is as quick and easy as typing the film title and
selecting a supported source. Griffith will then try to fetch all the
related information from the Web.


# Fetches film information from the Internet based on your locale via a plug-in
# Integrates well with a database (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3 used by
default) to keep tabs on your library
# Can backup/restore your database
# Exports to CSV, PDF, XML and HTML files
# Imports from CSV files
# Generates PDF from cover art
# Keeps track of your films that are out on loan
# Enables you to sort/filter your library
# Has built-in multi-language support

To know more about:


To install:

sudo apt-get install griffith

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