OAOD (aDesklets)

Application: aDesklets

What it is:

adesklets is a lightweight X11 program which provides the architecture
for small applets (desktop widgets) to be placed on top of the user’s
desktop. The applets placed on the desktop are meant to be quick ways
for the user to retrieve information and not get in the way of normal
activity. More formally, it could be referred to as an interactive
Imlib2 console for the X Window System. adesklets stands for another
desklets container.


The programs that are run inside adesklets are called desklets and are
small Python applets loaded into the adesklets daemon. Some of the
available desklets include:

* Clocks
* Calendars
* Weather
* RSS feed aggregators
* Controls for other applications (such as XMMS and MPD Music Player Deamon)
* Animated toolbars
* Desktop notes
* System monitors

To install:

sudo apt-get install adesklets

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