OAOD (album)

Application: Album

What it is:

An HTML photo album generator that supports themes. It takes directories of images and creates all the thumbnails and HTML that you need. It’s fast, easy to use, and very powerful. See the praises that people are giving album!

album is a perl script which is either run from a command-line or else through our new GUI/graphical interface which we’ve just released for Windows support! It works on UNIX/Linux, Windows, and Macintosh OSX.


*  New GUI front end
* You can use themes to choose or redesign the album “look and feel.”
* Recursively descends directories to make a hierarchy of photo albums
* EXIF support, Video thumbnails…
* Language (i18n) support! Album messages and HTML output can be in a different language. Many languages already exist, and many are being added. Create albums in   Deutsch, Hebrew, Italiano, Dutch, Polski, Chinese and more!
* Has a plugin system that allows you to write perl code to alter the behavior of album. You can add any features you like!
* Slideshows, transparent overlays, credit tags, easy captions, and endless features!
* So very easy to use!

To Know more about:


To install:

sudo apt-get install album


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