OAOD (Umbrello UML Modeller)

Application: Umbrello UML Modellar

What it is:

Umbrello UML Modeller is a Unified Modelling Language diagram editor
for KDE. It can create diagrams of software and other systems in the
UML format, and can also generate code from UML diagrams in a variety
of programming languages.


Umbrello handles all the standard UML diagram types. It can reverse
engineer code written in C++, IDL, Pascal/Delphi, Ada, Python, and
Java, as well as import XMI files generated by external tools from PHP
([1]) or Perl code ([2], [3]) and export to various programming

Umbrello allows distribution of model contents by exporting to DocBook
and XHTML formats. This aids in collaborative development efforts
where team members may not have direct access to Umbrello, or in cases
where model contents should be published on a web site.

It is released along the kdesdk module of KDE.

Supported export programming languages

* ActionScript
* Ada
* C#
* C++
* D
* Java
* JavaScript
* Pascal
* Perl
* Python
* Ruby
* Tcl
* XML Schema


sudo apt-get install umbrello

To Open:



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